The Complete Guide to U.S. Immigration Law

Immigration attorney, Ekaterina Mouratova, Esq., has published a reference guide for people who are planning or going through immigration to the USA – The Complete Guide to U.S. Immigration Law.

FINRA Arbitration Claim filed Against Geneos Wealth Management

The White Law Group has filed a FINRA Claim Alleging Over-concentration in High-risk Private Placements

Now Announcing – DOJ, SEC, FBI Speakers Confirmed for ACI's 34th FCPA Conference

Now in its 34th edition, ACI’s International Conference on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act returns to the GAYLORD NATIONAL, in Washington, D.C., from November 28 – December 1, 2017.

What Documentation to Request to the Vendor to Purchase an Already Existing Property in Spain

Spanish Land registry certification, First occupancy license, Latest receipts of IBI tax and garbage Collection tax and previouse Purchase Title Deed among other should be requested to the vendor.

Marbella, Malaga — (ReleaseWire) — 06/26/2017 — The most important documentation that our office advises to request to the seller or his legal representative before acquiring a property is the following:

Spanish Land registry certification.

This is a document that contains information taken from the Spanish Land Registry regarding the property in Spain, which includes the identification of the same, the identity of the owner or holders, and the extent, nature and limitations of these.

First occupancy license in Spain.

It is the document granted by the corresponding Spanish Town Hall that proof that the property meets the requirements of the building license.

Copy of the previous Purchase Title Deed of the property of the current owner

This document allows us to check how the property was acquired.

Latest receipts of IBI tax and garbage Collection tax.

In addition to checking the possible debts that could be with respect to these local taxes, with the receipt of rates, the So known “Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles” or IBI we will obtain the cadastral reference, which will allow us to calculate the fiscal value of the property in Spain

Latest utility bills of the property in Spain ( water and electricity bill).

Mainly we will ask for water and electricity bills, it is also advisable to request other possible contracts that the property may have as internet or telephone, in case the purchaser wish to continue with these utility contract.

Requesting latest utility bills of the property, it will allow us to verify that there is no existing debt’s of supplies on the property and at the same time we will be used to make the relevant changes of ownership once the transaction is completed.

Energy efficiency certificate.

As from June of 2013 this document is compulsory at the time of renting and selling properties.

A Spanish architect should issue and register this certification that includes information about the energy characteristics of the Spanish property.

Contact details of community of owners in Spain

In order to ascertain if the property has community debts and also to know the situation of the complex (It allow us to check if there is any lawsuit against the developer, there is any problem on the complex or even if the complex has any urbanistic file open) it is advisable to request to the vendor the following:

– Latest minutes of the board of owners.
– Statutes or norms regulating the Spanish community.

On completion date the selling party must provide a certificate issued by the community of owners which certifies that the property that you are interested in acquiring has no Debts.

At our law firm in Marbella, all lawyers are registered members at the Malaga Bar Association. We advise you on matters of purchase and sale of real estate, wills, inheritances, commercial and labour matters, contracts, quantity claims, civil and criminal proceedings, competition law, trademarks and trade names.

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Second year another success for the American Family Insurance Championship

Players, fans and community support for the second annual PGA TOUR Champions American Family Insurance Championship means valuable grant dollars for the American Family Children’s Hospital and dozens of other worthy charitable organizations.

Select the photo or this highlights video link for a recap of the week’s events. Find other information on

LexisNexis® RiskView™ Liens & Judgments Report Instills New Confidence for Collections and Limits Risk

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Legal Effects of a Power of Attorney Granted out of Spain

Do you wish to sell your property in Spain? English speaking Spanish lawyer in Marbella wish you to line out the following to take into account at the time of using a Power of Attorney in Spain.

Marbella, Malaga — (SBWIRE) — 06/26/2017 — In the event you are a British citizen living in the United Kingdom who owns a home on the Costa del Sol and wish to sell the property but it is impossible for you to travel to Spain to appear before a Spanish Notary to grant the Sale Title Deed because of health circumstances.

In this situation, the only way to complete the sale of your in Spain is by granting a Power of Attorney before a “Notary Public” in the United Kingdom in favour of who is able to attend at the Spanish notary at the time of the sale.

In general terms, the Power of Attorney granted abroad (out of Spain) will be equivalent to the Spanish one, if the following elements are present:

– That the Power of Attorney needs to be authorized by one who has in his country the competence to grant public documents (notarized public faith).

– That the “notary” guarantees the identity and capacity of the grantor for the legal act or business in question.

However, the resolution of the Public institution that controls the Land Registries and Notaries in Spain dated September 14th, 2016, understands that documents issued before English “Notary Public” are equivalent to a simple legitimation of signatures of the person granting the document, without this “Notary Public” awards a capacity judgment.

Unbelievable, but this means that there would be no equivalent of functions of the public official (UK notary public) and the Spanish notary, so the Power of Attorney granted before that would not have legal effects in Spain and the sale of the property cannot be completed.

It seems that this resolution of the Public entity that rules the public Registry´s and notaries in Spain has raised some doubts about the granting and use of Powers of Attorney granted abroad.

Contact our law firm in Marbella now if you have inquiries in the granting of a Power of Attorney in your country of origin to be used in Spain, where we will advise you conveniently.

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PHR Responds to Re-Authorization of Travel Ban

“We are deeply disappointed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today to re-authorize parts of the Trump administration’s draconian, needlessly cruel travel ban. It will only sow more chaos and heartbreak. What is particularly troubling about the court’s ruling today is that by designing a ‘bona fide relationship’ requirement, the court is effectively creating separate classes of refugees.

Travel Ban Stays Largely Lifted, Consistent With Other Ruling Today

Active Dashboard 2 Allows Easy Access to Process Performance Data

Advanced software solution ensures superior manufacturing quality and enables effective decision-making

Goettingen, Germany, Malmö, Sweden, June 26, 2017 / B3C newswire / — Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB), a leading international supplier to the biopharmaceutical industry, has launched the Active Dashboard 2, an advanced software solution. Offered by its subsidiary, Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics, formerly known as Umetrics, the release features significant improvements for applications in biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturing industries. Delivering in-depth insights into process performance across the manufacturing network, managerial staff can take evidence-based proactive actions that will help to achieve better timely decisions, ensuring superior manufacturing success.

Active Dashboard 2 provides real-time process information from multivariate SIMCA®-online data analysis systems — part of the Umetrics™ Suite of Data Analytics Solutions. The Active Dashboard 2 software now offers innovative data visualization options, such as easy self-service visual analytics with cross-filtering to reduce the involvement of data analysis experts; role-based display of relevant information; and the ability to connect to other data sources.
In addition, management and other authorized employees can now visualize process information on any laptop, tablet or smartphone with a web browser.

“The improvements in Active Dashboard 2 will help our customers to enhance their competitive advantage — both globally and locally. With in-depth insights into data of their manufacturing processes, they can significantly improve the decision-making process,” stated Jonas Elfving, Product Manager at Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics.

Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics is a leading provider of data analytics with multiple applications in high-tech industries worldwide. Its product and service portfolio enables customers to maximize the value of their data during the entire product lifecycle, facilitating better decision-making and process excellence. To learn how Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics can help you grow your business, please visit and follow its LinkedIn page.

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Caption: Active Dashboard 2 provides real-time process information from multivariate SIMCA®-online data analysis systems
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Caption: Active Dashboard 2 enables innovative data visualization for applications in biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing industries
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A profile of Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a leading international supplier of products and services that enable the biopharmaceutical industry to develop and manufacture drugs safely and efficiently. As a total solutions provider, Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers a portfolio covering nearly all steps of biopharmaceutical manufacture. The company focuses on single-use technologies and value-added services to meet the rapidly changing technology requirements of the industry it serves. Headquartered in Aubagne, France, Sartorius Stedim Biotech is quoted on the Eurolist of Euronext Paris. With its own manufacturing and R&D sites in Europe, North America and Asia and an international network of sales companies, Sartorius Stedim Biotech has a global reach. In 2016, the company employed approx. 4,700 people, and earned sales revenue of 1.051,6 million euros.

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