TTI Launches Live Fleet Video & Tracking Solution

TTI, a leader in fleet video, is proud to announce live video fleet monitoring and tracking via a cloud portal. The TTI Mobile video recorders have built in 3G and 4G modems. Connecting via a SIM data plan the DVRs connect to servers so customers can login remotely and view and manage their entire fleet, whether it be a few vehicles or hundreds.

Vernon, Canada, October 12, 2017 –(– Live Remote Fleet Video Camera viewing and fleet tracking in one solution.

Customers can view live from their office or smartphone anywhere in the world any vehicle in the fleet. TTI has secure data servers in North America and in Europe allowing full control and security of customers information. The G-sensor within the DVR sends a live alert to customers PC when it detects harsh braking or an accident. Video footage prior and during the event can then be downloaded remotely. All high definition the video and data is stored on the digital video recorder (DVR) in the vehicle which reduces data costs. The DVR has dual streaming capability and transmits clear lower resolution video via the cloud to your personal computer or smartphone.

Customers can also track where their fleet is, speed, etc., and location of incidents. Geo-fencing areas can be applied by placing a shape on the virtual map which gives automatic alerts when a driver has entered i.e deliver has been made or a vehicle has entered a restricted area.

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