Breakthrough "After Training" Solution Doubles On-the-Job Impact for Any Training Program and Delivers Data to Prove It

Breakthrough “After Training” Solution Doubles On-the-Job Impact for Any Training Program and Delivers Data to Prove It

Sprezie works with custom training, and hundreds of popular training, assessment and coaching programs to transform learning into on-the-job improvement with data to prove it.

Springville, UT, October 12, 2017 –(– STAR360feedback today announced the launch of a breakthrough learning-transfer technology named Sprezie. Sprezie is an evidence-based, after-training technology that doubles the impact of any training program and delivers the data to connect training programs to measurable behavior change.

Connecting training to results has been one of the most persistent and difficult problems in the training industry. 60 years ago, Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick labeled the problem of demonstrating the value of training as the “missing link.” (

“Simply put, Sprezie transforms learning into on-the-job improvement. It also effortlessly delivers the data that leaders need to track the long-term impact of any training program,” said Bruce Bennett, CEO and co-founder of Sprezie. “Most training, assessment, or even coaching programs struggle to provide on-the-job support for change after training, and most training departments have no way to gather the data leaders need to measure or prove the impact of their investment in development programs.”

Sprezie has two components: a dashboard for trainees and an administrative portal.

Trainees use Sprezie to:
• Create improvement goals & tasks based on training
• Identify people they view as mentors
• Schedule when they would like Sprezie to reach out with support

Sprezie engages those identified as mentors and helps them record short support messages. Sprezie then uses simple and engaging phone calls or texts to interview the participant about progress on the goal, deliver coaching from mentors, and provide links to goal-related micro-learning for up to 12 months after training.

Independent random control trials conducted by Brigham Young University found that people who used Sprezie were twice as likely to implement and sustain new behaviors.

“The great news is participants only have to answer the phone or respond to a text—everything else is automated and the messages from their coworkers, friends and family provide the motivation. Participants stay focused on applying their new skills over time, and transform learning into on-the-job improvement,” Bennett said.

For HR/training leaders, Sprezie not only increases program impact, it also provides the data to evaluate on-the-job impact of any training. Sprezie helps leaders:

• Get data to evaluate their training investment. Training impact data is automatically collected as Sprezie provides support for participants for up to 12 months after training. Sprezie reports detail adoption rates by individual or workgroup, outlines which concepts are people are using, and describes what changes have been made as a result of the program.

• Understand the data with clarity that drives training decisions based on results. The Sprezie Do Differently™ Model analyzes the data to answer four essential questions: 1) What did people do differently as a result of the training? 2) How long did they do it? 3) What results did they achieve? and 4) If they did not succeed, why not?

“When leaders are able to answer Sprezie’s four ‘do differently’ questions, they can measure the long-term impact of any training program, and know how to improve training,” said Bennett.

Sprezie is designed to work with any training program. It transforms hundreds of popular and custom training, assessment and coaching programs into on-the-job improvement with pre-configured goals, coaching and micro-learning. Sprezie also works with customized or proprietary training solutions.

John Stoker, the developer of the Real Talk™ training program stated, “Sprezie shows us what people do with our training when they go back to their jobs. It increases our clients’ ability to assure the transfer of applicable skills and get superior business results. That data is a huge advantage in marketing our program to new clients and expanding work with existing clients.”

In support of this launch, individuals can easily evaluate Sprezie with a no-obligation, 14-day trial version of the Sprezie solution. Visit for details.

About Sprezie

Sprezie is a product of Synthesis Technology Assessment & Research, DBA STAR360, based in Springville, Utah and founded by Bruce Bennett and Peter Marinko. STAR’s clients range from Fortune 50 companies to one-person consultancies and have been the testbed for portions of the technology now available in Sprezie.

For more information, contact Bruce Bennett, (801) 489-1211.