Sheryl Underwood Radio Adds its 125th Affiliate; Thanks CBS for Support Of Sisters In Service & More

LOS ANGELESAug. 11, 2017PRLog — Now that season 7 of THE TALK has come to a close, it’s going to be a busy hiatus for Sheryl Underwood. Underwood starts this season break by expanding the Pack Rat Foundation For Education charitable events; adding a new Sheryl Underwood Radio (SUR) crew member; announcing the 2018 SHERYL UNDERWOOD RADIO HOUSE PARTY and thanking CBS television for their support of SISTERS IN SERVICE.

SISTERS IN SERVICE, presented by Pack Rat Foundation For Education, Underwood’s charitable foundation, honors the community service of the four sororities of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC). In addition to serving as promotional partners for each event, CBS television affiliates and their on-air talent attend and participate in local events. “I am grateful for the way CBS has embraced SISTERS IN SISTERS. I appreciate their support, as do all of the sororities we’ve honored.” Underwood adds, “Because of the success of SISTERS IN SERVICE, and a conversation with incoming Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity International President Michael E. Cristal, it is my pleasure to announce BROTHERS IN SERVICE, where we will honor the fraternities of the NPHC.” She adds, “Also, because of the constitutional bond of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, we will salute the fraternities and sororities together through BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN SERVICE events – so you now have three (3) options: SISTERS IN SERVICE, BROTHERS IN SERVICE and BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN SERVICE. This will allow us to work with even more CBS affiliates and all nine (9) member organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council to continue to do good in the neighborhood.”

Sheryl Underwood Radio, now airing on 125 radio affiliates, is also a promotional partner for SISTERS IN SERVICE events and invites the community to announce their events and activities on-air through public service announcements broadcast to all SUR affiliates.

With the announcement of this latest milestone of 125 radio affiliates, namesake and entertainer Sheryl Underwood expands her on-air crew to include comedy and radio rising stars Courtney Black. Courtney, originally from Washington, DC, joins the crew to share her witty views on life, love, living single and the hot topics of the day. Most recently Courtney was part of “J. Anthony Brown’s Weekend Countdown” radio show. According to Underwood, ” We thank J. Anthony Brown, who is full-time with the Steve Harvey Morning Show and a contributor on Sheryl Underwood Radio, for introducing us to Courtney.”

Sheryl Underwood Radio, with a reach of over 8 million listeners, is a very diverse show; with affiliates in Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico and in every urban market from California through the South, into the Midwest and in the Virgin Islands. Sheryl Underwood Radio is “affiliate friendly” programming that gives radio stations the opportunity to program their own music around the content and infrastructure Sheryl Underwood Radio provides. In addition to lively and engaging conversation and commentary on current events and sports, Sheryl Underwood Radio offers Public Service Announcements and Black Radio Solidarity Day campaigns that promote “doing good in the neighborhood.”

In 2018, Underwood will launch SHERYL UNDERWOOD RADIO HOUSE PARTY (SURHP), which will bring the SUR crew to HBCU campuses. The SURHP will highlight the fun side of college life, including sororities and fraternities; feature new and old-school music and shine a spotlight on the value and importance of HBCUs. Underwood says, “We are starting with the HBCUs that have Sheryl Underwood Radio affiliates and the schools that have already signed onboard to participate in the Sheryl Underwood Radio House Party.” Joining Sheryl Underwood Radio’s House Party is Zach Boog. Zach, a graduate of Tennessee State University and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., has been an iHeartMedia alum and has been #1 in 21 straight books for the 18-34 demographic. He’s currently an on-air personality with 101.1 in Nashville. According Underwood, “This Alpha brother is going to bring our house party to life.”

With everything going on with Sheryl Underwood Radio, they are now looking for college interns to assist with their HBCU projects. Those students interested in becoming an intern should call 1-855-SHERYL 1 or