Robert E. Alick Brings Experience to the Restaurant Industry

Press Release

updated: Aug 10, 2017 13:24 EDT

Robert E Alick has had much success financially in obtaining old buildings and bringing their walls back to life. That is exactly what Alick is doing as he will head the group that will go around the state of Florida and puts unique restaurants into these older buildings.

With said funding, Alick will be able to purchase large, older buildings in Florida and contact with local builders and contractors to remodel the building into a restaurant themed to fit the culture of that specific area. Work has already begun in several locations around the state and will be completed within the next few months.

“I really enjoy keeping the theme of the building intact, but also putting our own touches to make the experience for the customer unique to any other restaurant,” Alick says when addressing future plans. “I hope people in the area notice the little features we add to each building.”

One unique location is the home of a former bank, which still has a vault in the basement. Robert E Alick plans on keeping the marble columns, huge arches, and 17,000 square feet of space available and using those features to make it quite the experience when people come in to dine.

Alick’s plans for the space include remastering the columns to adding gigantic murals over the bar area. The open kitchen in the middle of the floor will be unlike anything he has done, and parties can rent the vault space. Every square foot of the building will be utilized fully.

“We believe giving customers a different way to dine will attract them to come back again and again,” Alick adds. “These restaurants and buildings will not be equal walking into a chain restaurant.”

Another unique building Alick has purchased to turn into a restaurant is an old fire station. He wanted local contractors to keep the Rockwellian exterior and decor, but the two-story building will be alive in the evenings, serving Greek and American bar bits, including Buffalo wings and chili.

The second firehouse Alick is involved with will be more on the classier side — the rustic and fancy spot underwent a massive restoration and renovation and will be an upscale restaurant specializing in Creole cuisine.

“While the business side, a side I’m very familiar with, is something I’ve been a part of for many years, I am having fun being able to have a say in what these restaurants will be inside these old, historic buildings,” Robert E Alick says.

In a central location in Florida, Alick says the first restaurant that carries this vision will be opening in the coming weeks. The building is a former car dealership. The numerous large windows are still there, and add a certain glowing ambience for customers who come to dine during the day.

The 125-seat restaurant will serve up decidedly modern, high-end bites of Americana. The exposed brick, pine planks, and steel trusses make up the decor. At one time, the building was also an ambulance garage. The large space is certainly unique for a restaurant.

There are plenty of examples of restaurants going into old, historic buildings around the country. But Robert Alick believes his experience and success in the financial industry will carry over into the restaurant business. Also, Alick is adamant about following the laws carried out by the Department of Buildings and Department of Zoning in each city, and making sure the Department of Health is satisfied with the food.

The buildings he has purchased thus far echo his vision and hopefully will lead into a thriving business in each community.

Source: Robert E Alick