Richard Cude Opens New Turkish Restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi

Press Release

updated: Aug 11, 2017 10:00 EDT

A popular cafe in Jackson, Mississippi, recently went bust after the owners passed away. Richard Cude, who was originally from Turkey, felt it was a good opportunity so he took over the cafe and turned it into a new Turkish restaurant. Cude’s Kebab will serve anything from baklava to shish. In opening the restaurant, he aims to pay homage to the previous owners, who regularly vacationed in Turkey, while at the same time offering the community some culinary styles with a difference.

The all-day breakfast and American pancakes originally served at the cafe are gone. Instead, people can now enjoy taramasalata, hummus, lamb shish, and a variety of other traditional Turkish dishes. Mr. Cude has also invested heavily in refurbishing the location. What was once a greasy spoon is now a smart, sophisticated, dining area.

Mr. Cude had worked in the restaurant industry for many years, being a chef at various restaurants. However, he always had a passion for the food served in his native land — something that he believed Jackson residents would be able to enjoy. A popular member of the community, he has often participated in cookouts and invited many guests around his home, where his food has always been enjoyed.

Cude’s Kebab has been able to attract some very experienced chefs, as well as waiting staff. They are all Jackson locals, as Mr. Cude is keen to give back to the community that has welcomed him so warmly for so long. Together, they have designed the interior of the restaurant, which is nothing short of amazing. Perhaps the greatest standout feature is the large grill, which can be seen from anywhere in the restaurant. This allows people to see for themselves how the food is prepared, and that it is 100 percent fresh.

The menu features a mouthwatering array of cold and hot traditional Turkish meze. This includes Cacik, a type of yogurt made from goat milk; Sucuk, a type of Turkish wooden skewer kebab made from spicy sausage and fresh peppers; and sauces with dill, cucumber, garlic, and fresh mint. All meals are cooked fresh in the restaurant every day. There are no freezers in the restaurant to further guarantee freshness. All the produce is purchased locally from the Jackson markets. All the sauces and dips are also made from scratch by the chefs in the restaurant. Mr. Cude himself is known for his own fantastic cooking and, when he is not greeting guests, he can be found in the kitchen himself. He works together with his younger brother and his wife, as well as another floor manager. Meanwhile, although the restaurant has only recently opened its doors, tables have been filling rapidly. In fact, the reservation book gets filled up fast, with some even returning for seconds.

Cude’s Kebab is the only restaurant of its kind in Jackson. As a way to honor the previous owners, Mr. Cude also offers breakfast from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. every morning. The breakfast is called ‘Sally’s Start of the Day.’ This was named after Sally, the previous owner, and includes all-American staples of choice. It is served in a hotel buffet style, including cereals, pancakes, toast, eggs, juices, yogurts, and more. Added to the breakfast menu are baklavas, for that little Turkish touch.

Those who have been to the restaurant before have been amazed by the transformation. The cafe had only served greasy breakfast food before. And while this was appreciated, and had made a name for being incredibly tasty, it was clear that people wanted something else. Similarly, the decor was traditionally American and had become very dated. Thus, Mr. Cude had installed new tables and chairs, and exposed the brickwork to provide that beautiful, rustic, Mediterranean feel.

The restaurant has a large menu to cater to different tastes. The dishes are traditionally Turkish, although Mr. Cude has tweaked the recipes a little bit so that vegetarian and vegan options could also be added. The bread with house salad, hummus, and falafel is particularly popular. Everything is made fresh on site, and this shines through in the meals. While the restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian dishes, the main focus is on meat. The koftes and shishes are particularly tasty. The meat has a distinctive Turkish flavor thanks to the fresh herbs and spices, and it is cooked to perfection.

Mr. Cude’s restaurant is already making a tremendous contribution to the community as a whole. By shopping locally and hiring local staff, he has cemented his place in the town.

Source: Richard Cude