New App Changes the Way Quarterbacks Mentally Prepare for Games

Press Release

updated: Aug 10, 2017 21:29 EDT

As high schools and colleges around the country prepare for the upcoming football season, QBIQ–a first-of-its-kind quarterback training app–debuts this week for the iPhone.

QBIQ is the brainchild of Brendan Beresford, a quarterback-turned-coach who saw the need for the app after experiencing firsthand the lack of time coaches and quarterbacks were devoting to the mental part of the game. “I realized that 90 percent of the coaching time quarterbacks got was spent on mechanics and that the mental side of the game–making the correct reads and studying formations until they became second nature–wasn’t focused on enough,” says Beresford.

The iPhone app lets coaches create their own private playbooks and then set up quizzes to test their players on different offensive and defensive formations and test how they would react in a game situation. Players can give their thoughts on pre- and post-snap scenarios and then watch the play come to life through the app. Coaches provide each of their quarterbacks the feedback they need on specific situations to better prepare them to make critical gametime decisions. QBIQ is the only app that extends coaches’ abilities to build smarter quarterbacks off the field at any time, right from their smartphone.

Even before its release, QBIQ immediately struck a chord among coaches and players across the country at all levels. “The reaction has been pretty amazing,” says Beresford, “We’ve had coaching staff from two different NFL teams and a lot of pretty impressive QBs contact us about the app and say they’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.”

About QBIQ, Inc.: QBIQ, Inc. creates training products to develop smarter quarterbacks at the high school, college and professional levels. Through the use of its app, coaches and players can work off the field on mastering the critical aspects of the most complex position in sports.