Mikegyver's Newly Released High Powered USB-C Car/battery Capable of Charging Large Devices

The Mikegyver USB-C adapter charger, a true high-powered USB-C adapter is capable of charging most larger USB-C devices. Unlike most USB-C adapter chargers, the Mikegyver USB-C adapter can charge a new MacBook Pro 15″ touchbar (or other Large USB-C devices) from a car at full speed. In addition, it is capable of charging large devices from external batteries that do not have true USB-C.

Press Release

updated: Aug 11, 2017 12:30 EDT

 With the release of their new USB-C adapter, Mikegyver explains what makes theirs different from the rest.

The Mikegyver USB-C adapter charger is a true high-powered USB-C adapter, capable of charging almost all larger devices (like Apple Laptops, Dell, and HP) that demand over 30w of power. Unlike most USB-C adapter currently on the market, the Mikegyver USB-C adapter charger is a high powered USB-C adapter that can recharge large devices like the new MacBook Pro 15″ touchbar from a car at full speed and also can also be used to charge high-powered devices from external batteries that do not have true full powered USB-C capabilities.

The Mikegyver USB-C adapter charger will charge larger devices such as MacBook Pro touchbar without draining the internal battery. The Mikegyver USB-C adapter charge also includes a Standard USB port that will charge both a USB-C MacBook Pro 15″ and iPad at the same time. Additional features of the adapter include:

  • World’s First True High Powered Car and External Battery USB-C & USB-A PD QC3.0 charger adapter.
  • Connects to most high-powered external battery banks and charges at full speed.
  • Unlike other Batteries or Car adapters (which do not charge or partially powers USB-C devices), the Mikegyver USB-C solution is a full-powered adapter with a power delivery circuit that will fully charge large USB-C devices at full speed while the device is in use.
  • Connects directly to a Car Cigarette port.
  • One of the fastest USB-C chargers for devices like the MacBook, MacBook Pro, HP, Dell, etc. on the market.
  • QC3.0 USB-A to fast charge other devices at the same time.
  • Wide input power range: 12-24vdc.
  • Includes cigarette cable and external battery cable connector (batteries sold separately).
  • Built in Safety and Overload protection.
  • Compatible with all USB-C devices such as the MacBook 12”, Macbook Pro 13”, Macbook Pro 15”, HP, Dell, Google devices, and smaller devices (e.g. USB-C cell phones).
  • USB-C cable not included.

All other USB-C solutions currently on the market are under powered or lacking features.

Mike Lee,


  • 60w+18w (Total 78w)
  • Input: 12-24v, max 10A
  • Output: 
    • 60w USB-C: PD 5v3a, 12v3a, 15v2.4a, 20v3a.
    • 18w USB-A: 3.6-5.5v,3a, 6.5-9v/2a, & 9-12v/1.5a.
  • Cigarette cable for the car.
  • 5.5×2.5 to 5.5×2.5mm cable for external batteries.
  • Size: 3.3in x 1.9in x 0.9in, weight: 2.1oz

For more information please contact mike@mikegyver.com.

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