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Whether it’s a marketing event, a trade show or just an in store promotion, there’s no denying the importance of branding. You want your customers – and potential customers – to know who you are and what your company is about.
That means your company’s logo should be everywhere they look: on banners, brochures, posters, pens… But there’s one place that draws more attention than anything else at an event: FOOD AND DRINK.
​So why not get your brand on it? Here’s the chance to find out just how effective branded cups can be. Order over 5000 cups NOW and receive FREE LIDS! Only until the end of July! Read on to find out more…

Branded Paper Cups Get Brands Noticed. 

As a bespoke cup manufacturer, Branded Paper Cups understand that a little exposure in the right place can go a long way. They also understand how much people love food and drink. So, what better place to market a brand than on what people are eating and drinking out of?

Branding Where It Matters

Branded Paper Cups create customised, eco-friendly printed paper cups to feature a company’s brand, logo or service. Each Branded Paper Cup product is printed with a design according to a company’s specifications. Their expert team of in-house designers create stunning, eye-catching logos and slogans that stand out. Up to eight colours are available and only food-safe inks are used.​

The Best in Biodegradable

Let’s face it – going green not only earns respect and support, it makes a company look good! That’s why Branded Paper Cups manufacture their range of paper cups using only recycled paper. The result is topquality, cost-efficient paper cups that don’t harm the planet. Branded Paper Cups are all about reducing their carbon footprint. As well as producing only recyclable products, they source their materials from companies that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Green Or Super Green?

Branded Paper Cups offer two environmentally-friendly cup options: PE and PLA.

  1. PLA is a bio-plastic made from renewable resources such as corn starch. PLA is fully compostable, which means it can go straight into the recycling bin after use. It’s the 100% green solution!
  2. PE cups are coated with EarthCoating®, a highly mineralised resin. PE cups are recycled in a separate recycling process, which means they’re 100% recyclable and 99% biodegradable.

A Paper Cup For Every Occasion

No matter what’s on the menu, Branded Paper Cups have the cup to suit.

Single walled cups: Ideal for cold or moderately hot beverages. A perfect match for Branded Paper Cups sip-through lids

Double-walled cups: The ultimate coffee cup. With extra insulation over a poly-coated base, double-walled cups are the obvious solution for serving coffee and other hot beverages. A perfect match for Branded Paper Cups sip-through lids.

Lids: – Spill-proof sip-through lids are made of top-quality PE material and designed to fit every size in the Branded Paper Cups range. –

Dome lids: Designed to complement Branded Paper Cups’ range of paper cups and ice-cream containers, these classy dome lids are both attractive and essential.

Order over 5000 cups between now and the end of July and get the matching lids FREE!​