Mission Education – An initiative by: MANAV UTTHAN SEWA SAMITI Has launched its first Documentary

Mission Education team has launched its first Documentary video which have in depth information about functions and features and explained how they are going to be helped UnderPrivileged Children.

Mission Education Documentary Launched

MURADNAGAR, IndiaJuly 9, 2017PRLog — Manav utthan sewa samiti, a socio-spritual and charitable trust which is famous for its initiative MISSION EDUCATION has launched its first ever documentary today on their youtube channel manav dharam.The grand premiere took place at satlok ashram, muradnagar, uttar pradesh. Mission Education documentary has given an insight on the mission, the whole idea behind it and a lot more.


As the name suggests the mission is to provide education. They are targeting that section of the society where students are not able to acquire necessary stationery items and often dropout even from free schooling because their parents couldn’t afford the recurring expenditure on stationery.

As we know there are two sections of the society – privileged and underprivileged.They are trying to fill the gap by building a bridge between have and have-nots.

This mission is running successfully in India and five other countries including Nepal, Kenya, Mauritius, Bhutan and South Africa.


The Members of M.U.S.S. approach privileged schools and with the permission of the Principal, they place a donation box there. Then they ask the students to donate any extra stationery items that they have (preferably fresh items) in that box and when the donation box fills up they collect the stationery and donate it to the students of underprivileged schools.

No Cash, No Cheque:The mission aims at collecting donations for Stationery items like books, pencil, erasers and other helpful items that might help other students who cannot afford these items due to recurring expenditure. This way numerous hands can lend their support by donating smaller items without taking much burden on themselves.


This initiative was started in November 2015 and till November 2016 they were able to install 850 boxes all over India and 1,48,665 underprivileged students were benefitted from this.

On November 2016, mission education has started school on wheels at four centres in Delhi.

You can watch the documentary here https://youtube.com/watch?v=lSvEiyk18HU

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Mission Education – An initiative by: MANAV UTTHAN SEWA SAMITI (Regd.)


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